CARCAJOU Original jewelry series


*  "Petal" Jewelry as light as a petal.


.* "Waves" Artistic objects, such as jewelry.

.* "La Terra" Primitive, natural jewelry, which is a rough cut gemstones

* "URUSHI " Combination lacquer, silver, natural stone, pearl.

Exhibition of recent activities


 Exhibition Hong Kong Jewelry Show March 2013

Exhibition "Art wearing" Spectrum Gallery Wearble Art Osaka December 2012

Vol.2 Gift of talent Exhibition" at Gallery K, Tokyo June 2012

Exhibition "Gift of talent" at Gallery K2, Tokyo November 2011

Exhibitors Paradisecity Arts Festival" America Boston March 2010

Hotel Hyatt Regency Osaka in August 2009, Gallery at the HyattExhibition "Art jewelry, such as jewelry, such as Art

Exhibition "Ilove Pearl"Fu-kirai Gallery", Tokyo June 2009


Mayumi is a prominent Tokyo artist,goldsmith and an owner of Studio CARCAJOU.
After she graduated from Women's College of Fine Arts in Tokyo,

she learned the skill of high quality European jewelry making from German designer,

Johanna U.Kawamura for three years.
Since then,she has created many unique,stylish and functional jewelry for more than twenty years.
Her work shows not only Japanese delicate sense of beauty,but also her high level of goldsmith technique.
                                      She created "Waves" pearl and gold series,which represent the beauty of Japanese Akoya pearl 

                                        with her sophisticated and timeless design.

I believe using precious and high quality gems are necessaryto create beautiful and powerful jewelry.



*Contact information

Tel/Fax  +81 3-5390-2375

7-3-7 Toshima Kita-ku  Tokyo 114-0003, Japan